Incorporating United Cutlers of Sheffield

History of Hiram Wild

In 1864 Hiram Wild, a young Sheffield knife grinder, saved the life of a local landowner's son by rescuing him from the Sheffield flood. His bravery was rewarded with a gift of 200 to enable Hiram to set up his own business in the Parish of Hallam.

Today with over 140 years experience and technical innovation, Hiram Wild has become Britains largest produced of Sheffield made knife blades as well as Sheffield silver plated and stainless steel cutlery.

Sheffield is the home of stainless steel since Harry Brearley, a metallurgist at Thomas Firth & Sons in Sheffield developed a steel that did not rust. This new invention was described as stainless steel. The method of mixing chromium with steel came about through experiments by Brealey whilst producing gun barrels that would not corrode.

Stainless steeel was first used in the manufacture of Sheffield cutlery in the early 1920's and became the first cutlery in the world to be stainless. To this day Hiram Wild manufactures cutlery marked Firth Stainlesss Made in Sheffield England.

Having established an international reputation for technical expertise and quality, Hiram Wild also lead the way, with emphasis on innovative design. No matter what your requirements Hiram Wild have the styles, patterns accesories and blanks to meet your needs. Whether it's cutlery for your home, restaurant, hotel, local authority, promotional campaign or a bespoke tailored solution, Hiram Wild have the right product at the right price.