Incorporating United Cutlers of Sheffield

Alternative Cutlery


Hiram Wild's Stag Division handcrafts distinctive Stag handled and Buffalo flatware.

These ranges are particularly popular, coupling as they do their own unique appeal with Hiram Wild's unmistakable quality finish.

The Stag flatware features handles made from genuine Buffalo and Deer antlers, which are collected in the forests after sheddings.

Other Handled Cutlery

Hiram Wild's range continues to grow by being able to offer the choice of Plastic or Wooden Handled Cutlery, by using a combination of Forged Blades / Stubs (for excellent quality) or Stamped Blades / Stubs (for an economy alternative) this gives a unique ability to suit all needs.

The items are available in

All of the above are not dishwasher safe.